Import, Eksport, Forretning, Udvikling, Optimere, Netværk, Latin

Amerika, Selskabsetablering, Etablering, Selskab, BRIC, Ledelse,


US: Import, Export, Business, Development, Optimize, Network, Latam,


America, Management Consultant, Consultant, BRIC, Management,

Company setup,

Market Penetration, Penetration

Forretningsudvikling, Internationalisering, Vækst, Strategisk planlægning, Partnerskaber, Markedsstrategi, Brasilien, IKT, Software, Latin Amerika, Etablering af virksomhed

Business Development, Internationalization, Strategic planning, Go to Market Strategies, Go to market, ICT, Brazil, Latam, Latin America, Software, Establishment, Growth

Why use Develop My Business?

The answer is my unique ability to embrace and comprehend complicated technological problems while constantly keeping a good profitability in mind!

Based on a Masters degree in Computer Science and several

Business Development Excellence

years of work as a software developer I have since 1997 solely worked with Strategic Planning; Business Development and  Internationalization.

Today I posses a at the same time very broad as very comprehensive knowledge of all the actions and steps a company needs to go through in connection  with a successful internationalization process.


| Develop My Business | Carsten Hansen | Kjellerups Torv 1 5.sal | DK-9000 Aalborg | Denmark | Phone +45 53 38 30 03 |

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Business Development



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I offer hands on experience with Business Development from Scandinavia and Europe; USA; The Middle East and Latin America where I have a special focus on Brazil.

Carsten Hansen